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گازسنج ها

GasAlertMax XT II

GasAlertMax XT II

GasAlertMax XT II is the smart, simple, economical way to compliance. Workers feel safe and incidents are minimized so everyone will be able to do more. That means savings realized from business continuity and productivity.


Simple operation, with SmartSample pump

GasAlertMax XT II reliably monitors up to four hazards and combines straightforward one-button operation with our robust, motorized pump for intelligent, remote sampling, ideal for confined spaces. The GasAlertMax XT II is fully compatible with MicroDock II automated test and calibration system.


  • Minimize costs and training with one-button operation
  • More accurate sampling results with SmartSample pump technology
  • Compact, comfortable and field tough


Standard features of BW products

  • Continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple automatic calibration procedure; compatible with BW MicroDock II automatic test and calibration station
  • Full function self-test of sensor, battery status, circuit integrity and audible/visual alarms on start up
  • Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars
  • Built-in concussion-proof boot


Additional GasAlertMax XT II features


  • Integrated sampling pump with reliable diaphragm technology
  • Best in class block detection with semi-conductor pressure sensor
  • Multi-language support in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Conveniently manage your detector with Fleet Manager II
  • Equipped with standard datalogging and event logging






مولتی دتکتور گازی بی دبلیو مدل BW GasAlertMax XT II

مشخصات فنی اندازه گیری مولتی دتکتور گازی بی دبلیو مدل BW GasAlertMax XT II

اندازه گیری دما از -20 تا 50 درجه سانتیگراد
وزن 328 گرم، اندازه گیری رطوبت از 10 تا 100% RH ، دارای آلارم در حالت های مختلف ثبت غلظت با صدای 95 دسی بل ، عمر باتری از 8 ساعت تا 13 ساعت متغیر بین دماهای محیطی -20 تا 0 درجه با شارژ کامل 6 ساعتی، نمونه برداری تا حداکثر شعاع 23 متر، اندازه گیری غلظت گاز H2S از 0 تا 20 PPM با دقت 1 PPM ،
اندازه گیری غلظت CO از 0 تا 1000 PPM با دقت اندازه گیری 1 PPM
اندازه گیری غلظت اکسیژن O2 از 0 تا 30% با دقت 0.1%
اندازه گیری گازهای مخلوط از 0 تا 100% LEL با دقت 1% یا 0 تا 5.0% VOL با دقت 0.1%
از ویژگی های فنی دتکتور گازی BW XT2 می باشد.


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